My race my pace


First week is complete! I feel more motivated than ever. That sense of achievement after a run certainly must be one of the most rewarding feelings out there. However, 10 minutes remaining of my running regime, and my legs and brain started to struggle. To tell the truth for a split second I was going down the path of doubting myself and feeling that I was the slowest runner in the entire world. But why on earth would I doubt myself? Isn’t the most important step just stepping outside the door and doing my very best?

I run slower than Internet Explorer on a 90’s dial up connection, but I run!

I run slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter , but I run!

Sometimes the slow could be fast to another runner.  Keep in mind that most people don’t even run. You are one step forward to your goal. Do not diminish or self-deprecate your accomplishment and effort by saying “it’s only” or “I am slow”. Your slow is someone else’s fast, someone else’s goal. Your slow is you working your bum off and doing your very best to accomplish your goal. Running is running! What makes a person a runner are the thoughts inside. Do you think you’re a runner? Well then you are!

Don’t ever short change yourself!

Week 2 here I come!


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