Post-It Countdown

To continue on the pink track, I saw something incredibly useful and creative on Pinterest a few days ago. As hard as I try not to and despite of the fact that we all have to start somewhere, sometimes I can’t help but to compare myself with other runners. Feeling that sense of purpose is required! Trying to develop a habit also requires determination and consistency. Putting up Post-It notes for each day can serve as a colourful and visual motivation when training.

After completing each run, I will just rip one off and feel that sense of pride that I’m getting one step closer towards reaching my goal. That is to say, complete a 5K run without fainting halfway through. Having it there right in front of you makes it seem less daunting. 25 runs in total (I’ve already completed 5)…hmm that’s not too bad! After today’s run it might seem almost impossible, but then again nothing is impossible. One step at a time and I’ll be there. Reaching day 25 won’t be the “end”, but the very beginning of a new start.

Cheers to a better and healthier life and future!




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