Catch Up


Oops! What a lousy blogger I have been. No post in sight for weeks. I haven’t given up on writing my post at all it’s just that I’ve been ill (we had some rather strange weather a few weeks ago) and as if things couldn’t get any better my allergy is here. Hooray! My energy was down to 0. My regular medicine only made it worse and it didn’t seem to work as efficiently as always. Walking around feeling like a zombie isn’t optimal now that I’m off from work and there’s nothing more I’d like to do than to enjoy the outdoors. Thankfully I’ve found an allergy medication that won’t make me drowsy or suffer from nasty side effects.


Don’t worry I haven’t given up my running regime. Although I did have to go back a week or two to get back on track. Due to the tropical heat we’re having I had to change my routine and slow down a bit. Instead of running during the evening, I made the wise choice to run in the early morning (around 7-8 ó clock) when it’s “only” +20C outside. Running wouldn’t be as difficult if it wasn’t for that feeling of slowly melting away. So I’m rather thankful that I’ve gone back a week to ease my body into the summer heat. So children, always listen to your body. It knows what’s best!

As I’ve neglected my blog I’ll give you a short summary of my activities last week and the past few days.

21/7 Monday: Yoga (mostly back stretching as I was stiff as a board)

22/7 Tuesday: 4.60 km – 47m 18s (5 min warmup walk. Run 5 min. Walk 3 min. Run 8 min. Walk 3 min. Run 5 min + cooldown)

23/7 Wednesday: Yoga + Arm workout with weights 20+10 (as I’m such a weakling, well my arms that is, I’ve started weight lifting 2 kg in each hand)

24/7 Thursday: 4.34 km – 44m 8s (5 min warmup walk. Run 10 min; Walk 3 min; Run 10 min + cooldown)- it was so incredibly warm that day that I was barely absent during my run+ Arm workout with weights 20+10

25/7 Friday: Yoga + Arm workout with weights 20+10

26/7 Saturday: 4.51 km – 43m 8s (5 min warmup walk. Run 22 min + cooldown) + Arm workout with weights 20+10

27/7 Sunday: Beach day! Warmest water up to date. Went swimming and got back on land after 1 hour! Surprised myself. Arms and legs =spaghetti

28/7 Monday: Yoga + Arm workout with weights 20+10

29/7 Tuesday: Yoga + Arm workout with weights 30+10

30/7 Wednesday: 4.76 km – 44m 42s (5 min warmup walk. Run 25 min + cooldown)  + Arm workout with weights 30+10

I would have gone swimming on more occasions but the jellyfish decided to invade our shores on Tuesday. Please tell me I’m not the only one who freaks out when one or a gazillion of them touch your leg or when you accidentally step on one. Eurgh!! 😦  Shooo away with you jellyfish!!





My inner run-hating-teen must shake her head in disbelief


Can I get a hallelujah?! Not only have a caught up with my running this weekend, but today I started my 3rd week and completed the 7th day of the C25K program.

After having taken care of some daily errands yesterday, I decided to drive out (ok my mum drove me) to Ljunghusen, a town located at the south-western tip of Sweden and is notable for its beaches and for its golf course. As it was rather windy yesterday I decided to stick to the trails by the pine forest, golf course (had to duck a few balls *oops*), ridiculously expensive but oh so pretty houses and the nature reserve. Today I included the stunningly white beach (probably the most beautiful beach in Sweden). Sometimes I have to ponder over whether I’m in Sweden or on Bahamas. OK, perhaps it’s not as scorching hot as it is on Bahamas and the palm trees are missing…but this place is blindingly beautiful!




IMG_4550Up to this point I’ve always gone back home after having completed a run. But then I thought to myself, why stop now? Why not just keep on walking and enjoy the scenery. All in all, running and walking combined, I managed to cover a whooping 7.67 km yesterday and 5.11 km today.

Strangely enough, I feel more energized than ever. It must have been the fresh ocean breeze and pine forest air. Could it also be that I’m starting to catch the “runners bug”? Am I starting to enjoy my runs/walks? *le shock* I must say, that rewarding feeling  after having completed a run without giving up is hard to beat. My inner run-hating-teen must shake her head in disbelief! Reading about the so called “runners high” have always seemed like an ancient legend to me, or at least unattainable. However, if I imagine myself in a few weeks from now, I might be a convert that get to experience that sense of euphoria. Only time will tell…